Reflections on Applying to Booth

Hi all! Dana and I have enjoyed interacting with you over the last few weeks as your DSAC Communications Co-Chairs. Today, we’d like to take a minute to introduce the rest of the DSAC Co-Chair team. Our fellow Co-Chairs have been working tirelessly to make events that provide prospective and admitted students a glimpse into the Booth experience – both on campus and around the world – possible. Below they share a little bit about who they are and why they chose to be involved with DSAC. I hope you enjoy getting to know them better here and throughout the upcoming year!

Sabrine Waissman, International Campus Recruitment Co-Chair: I was born in Rio but my family is now spread out between six countries spanning from Brazil to China. Before coming to Chicago I had the opportunity to connect with Booth alumni and talk about the Booth’s global presence. From the start I was interested in joining DSAC and work on international recruitment. I am excited to be working with my fellow DSAC co-chairs, admission staff and you to promote the Booth brand.
Interesting Fact: Danilo, my partner in crime, was the first person I met at a Booth event in London last year.
Danilo Gargiulo, International Campus Recruitment Co-Chair:Nationality: If you don’t understand it from my name, you can understand it from the answers below
Why DSAC: I would like to keep the momentum in strengthening Booth’s global reach
Something I love about Booth: Hearing the unbelievable (life and job) experience of other Boothies
The best experience at Booth: Management Lab: 24/7 consulting project where I learnt how to set up processes that make teamwork truly efficient
The best social event at Booth: Scavenger Hunt: Running around Chicago for two hours with my cohort, and taking fun pictures with random people
Something people may not know about me: For 5 years I had long hair. Then, a sad day…zac!
Favorite food: Neapolitan pizza!
Favorite quote: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest (B. Franklin)
Brennan Veys, Campus Visit Co-Chair: My name is Brennan Veys and I’m a first year student at Booth. I’m involved in DSAC because the fantastic people that I met during my first visit to Booth had a huge influence on my decision to attend, and I want to make sure that every prospective student who visits campus has that same positive experience. I’m a native Chicagoan but was living in NYC before enrolling at Booth, and the most challenging part of the move was transporting the ~800 books that my wife and I own (no, I haven’t read them all, but I plan to! At least, the ones I picked out, not necessarily my wife’s Philippa Gregory, etc). In addition to reading, in my spare time I enjoy watching Game of Thrones, playing soccer and knocking back an IPA (not necessarily at the same time).
Karen Passmore, Campus Visit Co-Chair:I’m a first year student concentrating in strategic management and managerial and organizational behaviour. Prior to coming to Booth, I was a consultant in a boutique consulting firm and also worked in the education sector. This summer, I will be returning to my home nation of Canada to work in McKinsey’s Toronto office. I got involved in DSAC’s Daily Campus Visit Program because it was my own visit that solidified that Booth was the right fit for me, and I love showing how amazing the Booth community is to new prospective students. When I’m in Toronto, I’m a member of the Toronto Argnotes, the pep band for Toronto’s professional football team, the Toronto Argonauts.
Sarah Walczewski, Admit Weekend Co-Chair: Before coming to booth, I knew I wanted I be involved with admissions in some capacity. When the opportunity arose during my first year to help plan admit weekend, I jumped at the chance. I have really enjoyed the chance to get to know my current classmates better, not to mention to meet some of my soon-to-be new classmates, in the process! I am really excited to be even more involved best year as a DSAC Co-Chair.
We knew we would be perfect partners in crime when we bonded during one of our very first Booth costume parties. During orientation retreat, there was an Olympics-themed costume party. Being in the same cohort (and with Sarah being blonde and Katy brunette), we decided to dress up as none other than Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan! Our costumes were a hit, and we even made it to the finals during judging.
Katy Rauen, Admit Weekend Co-Chair:Originally from Seattle, WA, I love hiking, skiing, cooking, and costume parties. I became involved with DSAC as a first-year member of the Admit Weekend planning committee, and am excited to be a DSAC Admit Weekend Co-Chair alongside my favorite partner in crime, Sarah Walczewski. Sarah and I met on day 1 of orientation, when we learned we’d be asked to dress up in Olympic-themed costumes for orientation retreat. After a memorable trip to American Apparel (an excellent source figure skater costumes) and a bus ride to Lake Geneva, Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding / Katy and Sarah were fast friends.

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