Chicago Booth: Where Everyone Knows Your Name (And If They Don’t, They Will), Part II

Chicago Booth: Where Everyone Knows Your Name (And If They Don’t, They Will), Part II

As a Part 2 to Suzi’s post earlier this week, I thought it would be helpful to the introverts amongst us (myself included) to read about all the different ways that the Booth community officially facilitates community. Specifically, getting to know the clubs and teams that a student can join and meet people who share the same interests, hobbies and love for Pitch Perfect. (Ok, maybe the last is just me.)

Epicurean Club and Wine Club are the must-have memberships for anybody who loves to eat, drink, or do a combination of the two. In time for Chicago’s two-week Restaurant Week, where top Chicago restaurants have amazing deals on prix fixe menus, Epicurean is doing group lunches for $10 per member (as opposed to $22) at Chicago hot spots Mexique, Blackbird, and Roka Akor. Wine Club has the best bunch of co-chairs, who will not only facilitate your love of drink, but teach you the difference between different wines at their standout Wine 101 event or take you to distilleries to show you just how CH Distillery makes their Key Gin, with its notes of citrus and white pepper.

Strategy Games is the club to join if you’re a proud member of the “Monopoly with my family is basically the reenactment of the beginnings of WWI” club. Sunday afternoons at the new NBC building are reserved for empire building, resource hogging and general shenanigans over board games.

Booth Golf Club is for all real golfers, wannabe-real golfers, and people who want to get better at golf to hang out with the managing partners in their inexorable climb up the ladder. Don’t worry; we won’t make you declare which one you are. In addition to annual tournaments with other students, Kellogg, and alumni, the club regularly hosts events at Diversey Driving Range or at the course at Jackson Park. Fore!

You might have heard that Booth’s Soccer Club recently won the MBA World Cup! You can see our journey to triumph here, courtesy of start-up Activid, founded by second-year Conor Fernandez. Or you can shoot a note to Darren, who was a pro-soccer athlete before Booth, and ask about how much fun he had with his team.

Since community doesn’t end with the students, the amazing Partners Club connects partners and families in and around Chicago. From solid information about neighborhoods and how to find apartments, to becoming part of POLO (Parents Of Little Ones), to a Wine and Dine subcommittee (all partners are welcome to Epicurean and Wine Club events, so they get to do it twice!), Partners Club has it all.

Finally, if there isn’t a club that you really feel you fit into, you can always start your own. Just last year, two new groups were formed: (1) Booth Dance Club, which is a frequent contributor to all events Booth and offers lessons on all disciplines from hip-hop to bhangra to cha-cha-cha; and (2) Economies of Scale, Booth’s first a capella ensemble for lovers of music who like to perform songs ranging from Fun to a medley of Christmas carols.

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