Wednesday Night Trivia Showdown in the South Loop

Wednesday Night Trivia Showdown in the South Loop

Do you know the names of the three musicians who passed away the “Day the Music Died?”

Or maybe the most-searched for thing/person is 2014?

Or even how much a Playboy Playmate of the Month gets paid?

If so, Boothies in the South Loop would love to have you on our trivia team! And if you want to guess (don’t cheat!), post in the comments and in a couple weeks I’ll let you know if you’re right!

Every Wednesday night, anywhere from 10-30 Booth first years, second years and partners head down to Kroll’s South Loop to play bar trivia. We’ve even had “third-years”—Boothies that graduate but don’t leave Chicago and still love trivia—show up!

South Loop trivia is an awesome tradition. It’s also an excuse for all of us to get together weekly and talk about our classes, have a few beers, spend a couple hours together and do our best at one of the harder trivia games in Chicago. This chit chat ends up being a great resource when it comes to picking classes – throughout the quarter, we’re all comparing notes on the classes and professors we like best. Most of the second years in my trivia group have been going religiously for about 11 months. As soon as recruiting ended, our weekly trivia attendance began, though, as you’ll learn, correlation doesn’t imply causation!

Normally, the prizes are gift cards to Kroll’s, though sometimes we get a sponsored night and/or special trivia–a $350 cash prize had us contemplating getting killed at Sex and the City trivia! Generally, our group is large enough to be forced into at least 2 teams, which adds a little healthy competition. First, we like to take on the world, and have a great Booth vs. Everyone else vibe. Second, the South Loop is home to many UChicago grad students from the other schools, so (for example) Booth vs. Law School clearly puts our reputations on the line. Finally, there’s good old fashioned Booth vs. Booth. And, since my team placed 3rd of 3 Booth teams last week, I probably will be on the lookout for anyone who got those three questions right!