A Cinematic Summer

A Cinematic Summer

Hi everyone!  My name is Michael Kurt, and I am a second-year at Booth with the privilege of sharing my experience at this amazing place through this blog.  As a creative director with fellow second-year Gaspar Betancourt, I will be incorporating engaging, visual elements into the blog to bring students’ perspectives to life.  We’re all about having fun and developing ideas here at Booth, which inspired me to share my summer with you through the following poem.  Enjoy!

Summer 2015 was an amazing time,
And I’d like to share it with you through the following rhyme.

I interned with Paramount Pictures in Hollywood,
And my time with the historic film studio was incredibly good.

Driving onto the lot on my first day was quite inspiring,
I remember feeling so grateful that the studio had been hiring.

I worked on the Strategic Planning & Business Development team,
Which for me, had always been an important long-term dream.

It was engaging, challenging, rewarding, and fun,
The quality of the experience was truly second to none.

My days involved developing the studio’s strategic position,
To entertain with the impossible was its primary mission.

From building business plans and presenting to the C-suite,
To performing due diligence, my work scope was quite complete.

My favorite element of Paramount was the supportive community,
Of leaders, peers, and friends who made the most of every opportunity.

The “City of Angels” was so eclectic and alive,
I even surprisingly enjoyed surviving driving at five.

I loved hiking the hills and soaking up sun on the coast,
In the Cali lifestyle, I quickly became engrossed.

Then I ended the summer with the best decision of my life,
On the fifth of September, I married my beautiful wife!

Now I’m thrilled to be back at Booth as a second year,
I plan to cherish every moment as graduation draws near.


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