Preparing Your Booth Application?

Now that I have been on both sides of the table as interviewee and interviewer, and have been a Boothie for over a year, I would like to share my perspective on a few ways to prepare yourself when applying to Booth. These will not guarantee your acceptance to our MBA… but will definitely help you during the application process.

1) Learn about Booth. Come visit the school, talk to students, participate in a class and reach out to alumni. Do your research to understand how Booth can prepare you to achieve your career goals, find out about professors, as well as social life and clubs. The more you learn about Booth and its community, the better you will be able to tell if Booth is the right school for you, and the better you will be able to explain to Admissions why you are a good candidate for us. Think about what you can bring to Booth’s community. (By the way, if you are reading this blog, you are already on the right track!)

2) Be genuine. A high GMAT score or GPA does not guarantee you a spot in the class. Booth is looking for individuals with unique perspectives. Humans, not robots! Be comfortable talking about your accomplishments, and also about your failures. Show your passions and interests. Do not try to tell us what you think we want to hear, show us who you are, what makes you different.

3) Communicate thoroughly. Admissions read thousands of applications and interviews hundreds of highly qualified candidates every year. Catch their attention by communicating your stories in an interesting way. Be memorable. If you have reached the interview phase, it means you have already made a huge step. So, be confident about your skills, and be ready to tell your story with concrete examples. Think about possible questions you might be asked during the interview, and prepare your answers. Be concise and get to the point, but let your innate conversational tone and style shine through. All the while, do not forget to enjoy the interview, and have fun!

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