Booth for the Holidays

This past November and December, Boothies celebrated the winter holidays together, all over the world – 400 students crashed Aspen for a week for our annual Ski Trip, hundreds went on career treks from San Francisco to Dubai, and endless more celebrated classmates’ weddings, spent time with family, or traveled to new cities. We asked all of our amazing classmates to share their holiday photos that captured their favorite aspects of the Booth community—its interconnectedness, its creativity, its diversity, its adventurousness, and every other event or observation that inspires us all to get in the Booth spirit! Check out our favorites…

“These Boothies show their elation after conquering the Aspen Highlands Bowl. A real highlight of an amazing week of skiing and celebrating with friends during the Booth ski trip.” – Alex George

“Booth students gather at The Chopping Block for a diversity event cooking class and holiday party.” – Antoinette King

“This photo is a compilation of some of my favorite people at Booth (mostly from the best. RW. group. ever.) opening their Secret Santa presents. I love this picture because it captures the laughter and stories we shared that evening, and reminds me of the extreme extent to which some of my friends *love* the holidays even more than I do. I posted this a week before I was returning to Chicago from Winter Break and remember thinking that as much as I hated leaving ‘home’, I had really missed all these faces and was looking forward to seeing them all again!” – Joanna Si


Can’t get enough of our holiday photos? Check out the hashtag #BoothHolidays on Instagram or click here for hundreds more.

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