A Plug for Booth Live

Hi everyone, I am Andrea.  I’m a second year student and before coming to Booth, I was the fund manager of an impact investment fund. I will be joining Amazon full-time after graduation.

 I’m Dami, from Lagos, Nigeria. Was at BCG Chicago and still considering different opportunities for full time.

Hello everyone, I’m Robey and I’m glad to see so many people here.  I’m a second year student and before coming to Booth, I spent about 7 years in the Navy as a submarine officer.

These are a few of the voices you could hear when you attend Booth Live.  Are you considering a campus visit and want to make sure you get the best glimpse of what life is like at Booth? I believe you will not go wrong by planning to come to Booth Live.

As a potential student doing your due diligence, the Booth Live program is a true differentiator. It is a unique opportunity to hear from a handful of current students, and have your questions answered in a forum where others considering Booth will be asking the questions on their mind. You will also get to hear from Booth Faculty, Career Services, and the Admissions team.

While on any campus visit day you will get the opportunity to hear from the Admissions team, the access to students and Booth life during Booth Live is unparalleled. As someone who did a visit on the Abbreviated Schedule, I know you will get a better feel for Booth when classes are in session and you can hear from the faculty and my classmates.

If you have the opportunity, I hope you will consider making time to attend a Booth Live event.


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