My Big, Fat, Boothie Wedding

My Big, Fat, Boothie Wedding

Spring Break 2016 was not your typical Spring Break… at least for me. Even though I travelled with 30 friends to a warmer, southern location, I was not going crazy every night. Instead, I got married (which may be crazy in your books!).

My new bride is also a Boothie — she is a first year student whom I started dating five years ago, back in Argentina. Being 5,600 miles (9,000km) away from one another, it was pretty challenging to explain to her why I would upload a new picture every weekend, wearing a different costume, from a party that looked crazier than it really was. However, thanks to Skype and Whatsapp, we were able to survive one year apart.

During the MBA, relationships tend to move faster than they usually would in the ‘real world’. The first few months of b-school are usually romance-intensive. Some students breakup with their high-school sweethearts (typically after Thanksgiving – a phenomenon known as ‘The Turkey Drop’ or ‘Black Monday’), others meet the love-of-their-life, and some of us get engaged to their pre-MBA love. Furthermore, there are at least four couples in my class that met each other at Booth and are already married or engaged! I am not sure why relationships accelerate during business school — maybe it is due to the hectic MBA lifestyle, or because we all moved past our comfort zones and are ready to make more transcendent (and more permanent) decisions. In my case, distance gave me perspective, and made me realize that I did not want to spend a single day apart from her anymore.

Looking back at my wedding day, with many of my close Booth friends in attendance, I am thrilled to reflect upon how many solid friendships that were forged during my time at Booth. I am glad and so grateful that so many people were eager to travel all the way down south to Buenos Aires, to share this special moment with me and my wife. So, thank you very much, again, my friends. It’s been an incredibly memorable journey.



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