Booth’s Pay-it-forward Culture

Booth’s Pay-it-forward Culture

Event at University of Chicago Booth School of Business to announce new name and logo at the Gleacher Center

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Chicago Booth’s pay-it-forward culture. First year students receive help from second year students even before class officially starts. One example is during Random Walks, when second years lead one-week trips to destinations around the world, and start showing first years what Booth is all about. A few weeks later on campus, second years facilitate LEAD, become career advisors, and run the many different social and professional clubs.

Perhaps a few visual representations will help illustration the deep involvement of Boothies in our student community…

Boothie 1

Boothie 2

Boothie 3

Boothie 4

Data Sources: Student survey; and The Dean’s Student Admissions Committee (DSAC)

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