A Day in the Life: A Booth Couple Edition

It seemed like any other weekday when our tiny household received two game-changing phone calls. Within 90 minutes, each of us was contacted by Chicago Booth’s Admissions bearing the dream news: “You’re in!” We knew it straight away; life would never be the same.

Nearing matriculation, we decided on our student couple mission statement: Grow individually, without growing apart. To us, Booth’s flexible curriculum and “build your own adventure” approach provide the perfect setting to do so. Our photo journal offers a glimpse into a typical action-packed day in the life of a Boothie couple. Hold tight, this will be a quite a ride!

MORNING AGENDA: Learn how to ace recruiting, through Booth’s “Interview Prep Kickoff” event.
At 07:45, we head to Gleacher Center downtown, where school buses await to take us to Harper Center in Hyde Park. The 15-minute ride breezes by in the company of our energetic friends. On campus, we enjoy breakfast and then use the Booth app to make the most of our day. We venture out to different sessions covering our individual career interests.


AFTERNOON AGENDA: Connect with the stunning city we call home.
Previously living in a 3-story building in Israel, we are still absorbing the grandeur of Chicago, from our 35th floor apartment in a magnificent skyscraper. Residing in the Loop neighborhood has proved to be the perfect urban adventure, offering us quick access to restaurants, shops, museums, and Chicago hallmarks. Exploring the city is our favorite pastime activity. After Chicago Cubs won the World Series and washed the city with triumphant glory, it became even more fulfilling. Good for you, Chicago!


EVENING AGENDA: Glam up for Booth’s Armed Forces Dining Out event for students and alumni.
One of the most anticipated gatherings of the year is the AFG Gala, an evening like no other. The place: The fabulous University Club of Chicago. The dress code: Formal. The mood: Ready to celebrate with inspiring veterans. In attendance: AFG members with their partners and guests. Celebrity guests: Dean Douglas J. Skinner and Eric Gleacher (Yes, THE Gleacher, also a Marine and Booth ’67 alumnus). Oh, what a night!


JUST BEFORE FALLING ASLEEP AGENDA: Take it all in and thank our lucky stars.

This Saturday agenda is just an example of a day at Chicago Booth. We have learned that each day here is unique and memorable in its own right. While day-to-day agendas differ, one thing remains the same: The Booth Experience is more exciting, transformative, and rewarding than what we have ever imagined, both of us combined!

Victoria and Oren Yunger are an Israeli couple, one of 11 first-year couples to share the Booth Experience as a duo. Oren is a cyber security officer transitioning to technological business roles and Victoria is a digital marketer interested in staying in this space.

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