Beyond Booth: A look at UChicago

It can be a little easy to live in the Booth bubble, at times… perhaps too easy.  But the beauty of being part of the greater University of Chicago’s campus is access to many of its awesome resources. Let me show you…

Food trucks are a common sight near the Harper Center campus – serving cuisines like Korean, Mediterranean, Cajun and more.

You’ll become very familiar with Mandel Hall if you participate in Booth Follies in the spring. But why wait that long, when the theater hosts a ton of stand-up comedy, music and dance shows.

Discovering a Starbucks in the building directly opposite Harper Center counts in my Top 20 Booth moments. There are also lots of beautiful study spaces overlooking the main quad in the same building.

BollyX at UChicago
Ratner Athletic Center is a massive gym that offers classes like Zumba, Bollywood dancing, swimming lessons (in their Olympic size swimming pool) and more treadmills than I can count. Plus, nearly all classes are *FREE*.

26851237661_271b4783c2_z Source
The greater university provides a ton of resources that, as grad student, I have been able to take advantage of such as:

  • Membership and lessons to the UChicago Tennis Club (Free)
  • Flu shots and wellness fairs (Free)
  • Comedians and political speakers – I’ve had the chance to see Hari Kodabolu and Jon Stewart on-campus (see above)! Also, President Obama was at the Law School for a talk in Spring 2016.

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