A Week to Remember: Booth Ski Trip!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and having just finished finals for the fall quarter I am ready for a break from words right now.  So I’m going to let some pictures do the talking! Talking about what, you ask? BOOTH SKI TRIP!!

The Booth Ski Trip is a post-finals tradition at Booth that over 400 Boothies participated in this year.  The days are filled with skiing and snowboarding (or dog-sledding, ice climbing or luxurious trips to the sauna for the non-skiers!).  And the nights are filled with some pretty elaborate themed parties that had me wishing I kept that costume box from undergrad………

But some of my favorite parts of the trip are the ones which I did not capture on my phone.  The morning ritual with my cabin-mates making enough eggs, bacon and coffee to feed an army (read: to refuel our slightly-hungover selves through another day out on the slopes) and rehash all the fun we had the day and night before. The chair lift ride that turns an acquaintance from Micro class into a friend.  The moment you realize it takes 9 MBAs to turn on a fireplace. Or the lunch break around a mountain-top fire-pit where I just took an extra minute to take it all in.

That said….the pictures of the moments that were captured are definitely worth sharing!


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