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Winter break provided me with time to reflect about 2016, a year in which I moved 9,896 km from home (Israel) to pursue my Chicago Booth MBA. This was a thrilling voyage and as a social media enthusiast, I had to share my recollections online (see below). My posts resonated with many who reached out to me, inquiring about this whole MBA-in-America thing. TBE readers can find the topics relatable, so here’s a quick recap.

The most popular question was “So why MBA?”

To me, the Booth MBA is a growth catalyst and a shaping experience through which dreams come true. Marketing? Finance? Entrepreneurship? Strategy? You name it. And you show up. And you work. And Chicago Booth will provide you with innovative and extensive resources to achieve your goals. For example, this quarter I’m enrolled to Negotiations and Decision Making courses. I feel privileged to witness how top-notch professors analyze processes that many overlook. Partaking in the exercises, I get to know my peers better and also advance through experiential learning. Such courses demand introspection, and this foray out of the comfort zone is what Booth is famed for.

The follow-up question usually was “OK, but why MBA in America? Couldn’t you just do it here?

Yes, I could. But, as America is the historic crown jewel of business schools – It makes sense to get enlightened by the greatest. Us Boothies study in an iconic university established in 1890, whose motto is: “Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched.” Doesn’t that give you shivers? Besides, moving to America was a key part of the value proposition. This adventure will develop not only my English, but also my ability to collaborate, work in international environments, navigate the U.S. economy and culture, and lead effectively.

Another question was: Gotcha, but why Chicago?”

Well, my First Day impressions left me captivated by Chicago. Particularly, living in the 3rd largest U.S. city while enjoying the Midwest friendliness coincides with my #lifegoals perfectly. Unlike other metropolitans, Chicago has quite reasonable costs of living, encouraging students to pursue their interests and passions. A Louis C.K. stand-up comedy, a Book of Mormon Broadway show, and yummy outings to Michelin-approved eateries are just some of my diverse first quarter experiences.

With 1/6 of the MBA program completed, I admit that even my wildest dreams could not forecast the Chicago Booth reality. Some of my goals going forward are enrolling to a Marketing Research Lab, taking on a leadership role as a Technology Group Co-Chair, and exploring the wonders of the Midwest. Excited about things to come, I say: Bring in on, Booth, and keep surprising!

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