My Booth Experience: BoothEd

One of the hallmarks of your Booth Experience will be involvement in clubs and groups on campus.  Some are career-oriented, others have an athletic flavor, and further more may pique a special interest of yours.  In this guest post, 2Y student Chun Ying Wang reflects on her time as a member and eventual co-chair of BoothEd, a group who’s mission is to further the professional and personal interests of Chicago Booth students in the education sector.

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend who asked me about my favorite experiences at Booth. As I thought about the past year or so, I realized that everything that came up had one thing in common: they were memories made through BoothEd, the education club at Booth.

My answer to her question was lengthy. I talked about the team project I worked on to help a new charter school plan its teacher compensation program. I described my amazing teammates, with whom I fell into the kind of delicious rapport and easy comfort that you first savor in college. I talked about the education trek to New Orleans that I went on. I relived our school visits, the spirited conversation, the étouffée. I finally talked about how rewarding it is to be a co-chair this year, and how fun it is to work with classmates who share the same dedication to education.

My friend, at some point, got bored. But our conversation kept me thinking. Coming from an education background before business school, I had always intended to become involved with BoothEd. But looking back, I did not anticipate how much the club means to me now and my experience here.

To me, Booth is a village, bustling and alive, but BoothEd is the hearth by which I am warmest. You go to the village every day because you love the community, but you share the most with those at home. I have so enjoyed every BoothEd meeting, trek, movie night, social, talk, lunch, and whatever else event I am forgetting. Most of all, I am grateful for the kind, passionate, and motivated classmates that I have become friends with through this club. They inspire me with their example, and they have become the heart of my Booth experience.

– Thanks to Chun for the contribution to The Booth Experience blog! Hear from other members of the various Booth student groups and clubs on the official Booth Admissions Insider blog.

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