NVC Series: The Finalists are Here

Last year, when we found out that WillowFlare was lucky enough to be¬†one of the 10 teams¬†moving on to the finals of the NVC, we were both super excited and nervous. Only after going through the presentations with other teams, did we realize how competitive the NVC¬†is¬†and how great the ideas are. ¬†Don’t forget, we could only see one section – half of the 30 teams in the competition – and the only thing we know about the other half is they are as good if not better. ¬† We were excited because it was¬†such a journey for us to go from an idea to nearly¬†a real business within three months. The momentum that NVC can provide to the team and the resources from the Polsky Center are just unparalleled. ¬†In the meantime, we were also nervous because we wanted to put on the best show, representing ourselves and our classmates. At the end of the day, after being grilled by the same sets of investors again and again, we made many good¬†friends from the same trench. ¬†We felt that we were carrying more weight and¬†we wanted to make sure we were not wasting a precious spot.¬†Now, 11 teams may share the same feeling as the finalists for this year.

Make sure to stay tuned on the big day, which will take place on Thursday, June 1 at the Harper Center beginning at 8:30 a.m. CT. We will provide a live link and a Twitter takeover! 

I hope after reading the list below, you are as excited as I am…

4women will offer a non-invasive, self-administered HPV test.

AMOpportunities is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book U.S. clinical experiences.

Banyan is a B2B local food e-commerce platform that makes it easier, cheaper, and more efficient for buyers and sellers to transact in local foods by automating repetitive tasks, digitizing cash flows, and making local distribution more efficient.

ClostraBio is a discovery and preclinical stage pharmaceutical company developing safe, clinically effective therapies for patients whose life-threatening allergies limit their quality of life.

EZZA is nail care tailored for modern, professional women.

Lancealot is a marketplace and tool kit to help organizations and individuals connect with freelance video creators and manage their collaborations.

Part Analytics is a cloud based analytics platform that takes structured, unstructured, public, and private data to provide actionable insights for Procurement and Engineering professionals in electronics industry.

Phyt Solutions is dedicated to improving human movement and quality of life by providing physical therapists and other movement professionals with products offering variety and efficiency at affordable prices.

SmarterCloud’s mission is to enable growth and mature stage enterprises to better control their cloud infrastructure.

Switched Source is an early stage start-up commercializing power electronics solutions for utilities.

TAINA helps financial institutions comply with tax transparency regulations by digitizing and automatically validating the hundreds of millions of tax-related forms they must process annually saving costs and reducing the risk of fines.

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