One Last Ride

Austin Fang

From my first post about Exploring Chicago through the Eyes of a Pokemon Go Trainer to my most personal post about My MBgAy Experience, I’ve been incredibly honored to have been able to share all the different facets of my Booth experience. My time at Booth has been not only professionally rewarding as I’m going into a job that I want in an industry that I love as a Product Manager at Sling TV, but it has also been personally rewarding as I’ve met so many lifelong friends and learned so much outside of the classroom. While Booth is known for its flexible curriculum and top-notch academics, the entire Booth experience encompasses way more than that. During my time at Booth, I’ve been able to be an extremely visible and vocal LGBT advocate on campus. I have never felt more welcomed and accepted by a community as at Booth, which was further reinforced when I won the Booth Impact Award at the Celebration awards this past Saturday.

I am so glad that Booth decided to take a chance on a software developer with zero business experience, and I believe I made the most of the opportunity and left the school better than when I started. I hope that the rising second years will continue to make an impact on the school making next year even better than this past one. I hope that all my classmates will be strong LGBT allies in their future workplaces. And finally, I hope that you prospective students have a better sense of what the full “Booth Experience” is. Thanks for this amazing opportunity and experience to share my past two years with you.

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