One Last Ride

Nithin Kuchibhotla

An MBA isn’t always an obvious choice.  It can be difficult to take a two year break from work when taken in conjunction with the cost of attending the program itself.  It can be challenging to move to a new city, leaving behind family and friends in hopes of an undefined future.  And it can be uncomfortable to wade into a pool of five hundred students and try to make friends and memories that are supposed to last a lifetime.

I thought about all these factors as I made my decision to attend Booth and I decided that none of it mattered; I was headed to Chicago.

One of the reasons I felt this convincingly about my decision was understanding what this experience would do to benefit me from both a professional and personal standpoint.  As I sit here now as a graduate of the program, I couldn’t have been proven more correct.

I’ve written a lot this year about the power of this environment, and the ways that it’s affected my life so I won’t delve too deeply into that.

I’ll just conclude with this; whether it’s the exciting career I’m about to embark on, or the many friends I’ll consider family from here on out, or the illuminating lectures given by professors of the highest esteem, I wake up every day thankful to call myself a grad of Chicago Booth.

I appreciate the readers for sticking with me all year, and I hope to call you an alum one day as well.

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