Belgian Halloween Party: Murder on the Dance Floor


Logan Square Auditorium was jumping full of familiar bodies hidden behind unfamiliar appearances. Plenty of Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, and Leffe was flying around, some even through the air, but the bountiful cornucopia of candy, chocolate, Jimmy John’s sandwiches, potato chips, and cookies was what had most of my attention. I wasn’t sure if that was my natural inclination or just me fully embracing my Food Network star Guy Fieri character…

Like most Booth events, as the drink tickets were spent, the dance floor became more animated. I can safely say the “Murder on the Dance Floor” theme was embraced by many, having personally witnessed a murder during “Sandstorm” via a popular weapon of choice: killer dance moves. At the height of the energy, the feature presentation of the night began: the costume competition. The wide variety of rockstars, movie characters, and fruits (actually not much variety there, just a bunch of bananas) danced, performed, and raged across the stage to raise the energy in the crowd for their vote. While there was a healthy amount of controversy over the results, every participant seemed to put their best foot, paw, or wheel forward. Congratulations to the winners featured below.

Individual winner: 

Group winner(s):

Thanks to the co-chairs of the Belgian Business Students club for a fantastic time full of eating, drinking, murdering (aka dancing), and having full conversations with classmates so unrecognizable that I didn’t have a clue who I was talking to.

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