New Year’s Resolutions by a Second-Year Boothie

New Year’s Resolutions by a Second-Year Boothie

It’s that time of the year again. November and December brought on the magical Holiday Season that has been filling our lives with warmth and bright lights. As the calendar flips from 2017 to 2018, I am startled to realize that my graduation from Booth is a mere 6 months away. With that milestone in mind, I am ready for one of my favorite New Year traditions: Making resolutions.

For me, the year’s end is a perfect time to reflect on what has been experienced and to set goals for the future—towards (hopefully) living my life in a way that is more aware. Looking back on my Booth journey, I am filled with excitement about the time that I have left here in Chicago and I plan to make the most of it.

Here’s how…

Embark on Midwest exploration: As you already probably know, the Booth community is situated in the heart of downtown Chicago with many theatres, restaurants, and museums around. Hustling and bustling, this premium spot is optimal for a city gal like me. All at the same time, I’d like to use the days I have left at Booth to explore the wonderful Midwest.

A lot has been said about the Midwest—it’s the heart of America, it’s where people are kind to each other, and it’s a vacation destination in its own right. It’s so easy to get a car for the day and go on an adventure, so that’s what I plan to do with my favorite Boothies. Some of the daycations and weekend getaways I was thinking about include skiing in stunning Wisconsin during Winter Quarter, revisiting Lake Geneva (where Boothies have their LEAD training!) for a Spring escape, and becoming one with nature in Kettle Moraine State Forest in the Summer.

Venture out of the “comfort zone”: Booth’s flexible curriculum is a great opportunity for students to pursue their academic and professional passions. With 2 quarters remaining, you can imagine that making choices is difficultbecause well, you want to take all the courses you see, and everything sounds amazing! I already took two brand new marketing classes this quarter: Startup Marketing and MarTech Lab, and plan to take the New Products and Services Lab, which is a Booth staple. But, I am now considering to venture out of Harper Center and take non-Booth courses to broaden my perspective and problem-solving capabilities.

I heard amazing reviews from fellow students about courses taken at the Harris School of Public Policy and the Law School. Since I am so proud of Booth as being its own MBA powerhouse, sometimes I can forget that the University of Chicago is known for many other remarkable disciplines and departments, as a top-notch educational establishment. Since the opportunity to immerse myself in those domains will never return, I turned this into one of my resolutions.

Get physical with Booth’s help: One of the most popular (and prone to fail 😊) New Year’s resolutions has to do with getting physical. While most Boothies live in downtown skyscrapers that usually offer indoor gyms (that #MBAlife is great, I tell you), the Booth community could be a fitness force on its own in making health and wellness a priority. From Booth Soccer running the field at practices to Yoga Club offering weekly routines, all your fitness wishes come true at Booth. There’s something about the community coming together and the abundance of passionate people who are driving each other to set goals and succeed. This year, I plan to join Booth Dance club that boasts fun yet energetic programming like 00s Pop Dance Workshop + Cha Cha with Santana classes. What can be better than being active, dancing like no one is watching, AND making new Booth friends all at the same time?

When I reflect on the 15 months spent here in my MBA journey, I realize that what I love most about Booth is that it is really a “design your own” program. You get to be the pilot of your journey and navigate it any way you want to. Asking questions and making changes along the way is not only allowed, but also actually encouraged. It’s about you doing you the best way you can—and that’s what makes me so enthusiastic about my resolutions—there’s a sense of being able to achieve them!

On that note, Happy 2018, dear TBE readers. May the year ahead be filled with self-actualization, happiness, and many blessings to you and yours.

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