Which Avengers Character Are You? (Based on Your Booth Cohort)

The unique thing about Booth’s cohorts is that after our single required Leadership Development class is completed in the fall, any additional time we spend with our cohorts is completely optional. Because of this, each cohort really gets a chance to form its own personality outside of just studying foundational classes.

However, in times of great need (e.g., quarterly cohort cup events, competitions against peer schools, admitted students weekends, etc) the cohorts assemble to face some of Booth’s most dire challenges.

  1. Bond – Captain America

First on the list – like the First Avenger – Bonds are upstanding, Booth-triotic members. Though on the scrawnier side, they still have athletic talents like coaching the Booth basketball team (undefeated against Thanos-llogg for the last two years) and leadership skills like being student body president.

  1. Davis – Antman

Packing incredible force per cubic foot of muscle, Davises tend to excel at making quips and aging very well. Their cohort shirts are also black/dark gray, which is the color of ants.

  1. Gargoyles – Bruce Bannon / The Hulk

Gargoyles are the Hulk because they have Tunde. Chicago Bears defensive tackle, software developer, warm and friendly until there’s something to win.

  1. Harpers – Hawkeye

Making up in technique for what they lack in raw strength, Harpers tend to do extremely well at anything requiring mental processing. Escaping from rooms, answering trivia questions with the help of Dean Rajan, or scoring points in the The Windy City scavenger hunt, Harpers will always hit the mark.

  1. Maroons – Scarlet Witch

Feared by many for their self-proclaimed Dean Girls personas, Maroons embody the misunderstood but oh-so-fun Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet. As Ultron(recruiting)-slaying, Maroons can traverse any banking or consulting crop circle with mind-reading social grace and telekinetically-enhanced drink and appetizer plate holding skills.

  1. Nobels – Black Widow

Critical to the victory of many of her colleagues’ standalones and the team-ups, Black Widow is as key to the Avengers as our Nobels are to Booth. Prone to spending time sipping scotch and discussing the efficient market hypothesis with Eugene Fama or nudging their sister cohort to do the right thing with Richard Thaler, Nobels make their mark at Booth from every angle.

  1. Phoenix – Iron Man

The bad (see Marvel’s X-men) boys and girls with a heart of gold, Phoenii are the cool kids at school. Spawning ski club co-chairs, Follies crewmembers, and surprisingly Dean’s Students Committee members, Phoenii make doing the right thing, the fun thing.

  1. Rockefeller – Black Panther

Rockefellers have seen a resurgence of late, emerging from their secluded classroom nation on the C-level to make a mark in the social sphere of the Winter Garden (Harper Center’s main common area). Regal, yet rambunctious, Rock Panthers have recently seen the TNDC chair crown thrust upon their deserving heads.

  1. Stuarts – Thor

Electrifying like their Norse benefactor, Stuarts command the stage whether it’s Follies Lip Sync, Outreach Drag Show, or LOR Costume Contest. They are artists and performers and any party is sure to liven up when a Stuart enters the room. Unlike their spirit Avenger, no sister cohort drama here. Stuart and Davis are known to throw a mean trolley tour.

  1. Walker – Spiderman

Fortunately, this isn’t “which Game of Thrones character is your cohort” so Walker gets to be a hero. Arguably in his best iteration, the new friendly neighborhood Spiderman is the perfect patron for the welcoming Walkers. Whether it’s letting you in on their cohort-funded pub night or inviting you to group acro-yoga, Walkers are just the darndest, nicest people.


  1. Admissions Office – Sorcerer Supreme

As the guardians to the hallowed halls of Booth – just kidding, they’re ambassadors! – the Admission Office channels the gate defender Sorcerer Supreme that protects the world from the Dark Dimension of candidates that aren’t a cultural fit for Booth or not ready for business school.

  1. Dean’s Office – Nick Fury

Behind every great team is a great one-eyed mastermind and no one office is more responsible for Booth’s new status as NUMBER ONE SUPERHERO BUSINESS school than the Dean’s office. Fresh with new perspective from new Dean Madhav Rajan, Booth’s cohorted students are sure to be the winningest team around.


That’s it for today, folks! Join us next time for “which Nobel prize winner should you have dinner with based on your pre-MBA job”.

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