Why Boothies Travel (so much)

It’s commonly thought that business school students travel a lot. While our Instagram feeds may lead others to believe that we are #foreveronvacation, in reality there are many reasons Boothies travel. With school trips, interviews, case competitions, and student-organized getaways, there are a plethora of motives to hop on plane and jet set away. Below are a few trips we have taken during our first year at Booth!

Trip #1: Random Walk to Austria/Hungary
A couple of weeks before starting orientation I (like many other Boothies) had the opportunity to travel abroad with 16 of my new classmates. I got to experience the amazing culture of Eastern Europe by doing things like a monsteroller tour through the streets of Budapest and attending a Mozart concert in Vienna all while forming lifelong bonds with some extraordinary people! (photo above)

Trip #2: Tech Trek to Seattle/SF
Business school recruiting can be daunting but the best parts about it are having people alongside you to support and help you with the process. Tech Trek was a great time to meet those people and form solid connections with fellow students, recruiters, and alumni alike. Our week was filled with company visits, an admitted student and alumni reception, and of course, a special West Coast edition of TNDC.

Trip #3: Visit to Provo, Utah for the SmithSoc case competition
Case competitions are a great platform to mix and mingle with people from other business schools while working together with Boothies to represent your school. For the SmithSoc case competition, three other Boothies and I represented our school’s chapter of the Adam Smith society and traveled to the beautiful city of Provo, Utah to participate in a case about fake news on Facebook. We even had some time for skiing and exploring the town of Park City during our weekend.

Trip #4: Trip to Boston for an Interview
Travelling to the main office for an interview can be a great way to meet firm representatives in person and check out the office of a potential future employer. During my trip to Boston I not only did the above but I also secured an internship and checked out the food scene of the city where I’ll be spending my summer!

Trip #5: Spring break in Japan
Japan is a destination that’s been on my bucket list for a while now. So when the opportunity came up to travel to Japan with the Japanese students at Booth, it was too good to pass up. While visiting sites like the Inari shrine and experiencing activities like a sumo match were amazing in and of themselves, the true highlight of the trip was seeing the beautiful country through the eyes of those who call it home.

Here’s to many more trips during our second year!

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