Meet the New Team!

Hi there! The Booth Experience new team here — we are so excited to share with you as many student stories and Booth experiences as we can over the next year!

We’ll do our best to provide readers with a comprehensive, candid, and in-depth glimpse of what it’s like to be an MBA student at Chicago Booth. From our favorite classes and recruiting advice to internship insights and where we live in Chicago, we’ll give you an insider’s look at the entire Booth experience from start to finish.

Our team comes from different backgrounds, regions of the world, and professional walks of life. With that, we promise diverse perspectives and a range of viewpoints, not to mention all of the varying POVs from our many student guest bloggers!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll share more about ourselves and #WhyBooth is where we chose Booth to pursue our MBAs. Also, take a peek at our About Page to get to know us a little better, and feel free to contact us via

Let us know what you’d like to read about so we can make your experience relevant, informative, and fun!

Thanks for reading The Booth Experience,

— Monisha, Zach, Aliy, Bo, Hind, Paul, and Andrea

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