Second-year MBA Goals

With the start of Fall Quarter classes, my second year of business school officially kicks off today. I’m beginning my second year at Booth having already had a ton of eye-opening experiences, including everything from navigating internship recruiting and class selection to juggling student group activities and figuring out where on campus I can find the best cup of coffee. As I move into the second half of this amazing experience, I find it important to set goals for myself so I can truly make this time everything I want it to be. Read on to see what my goals are for the final year of my MBA!

1.) Forge deeper connections with fellow Boothies
My first year at Booth gave me the opportunity to meet first and second years alike through classes, clubs, and recruiting. However, in my second year I’d like to take my interactions to the next level and really delve into the stories so many of my fellow classmates have to tell. Oftentimes as we go through the shared experience of business school, it’s easy to forget that each one of us has a varied background and path that brought us to Booth. From traveling the world to starting their own companies, Boothies have done it all, and I am curious to hear about every one of them.

2.) Be more intentional about the classes I take
We’re spoiled for choice here at Booth when it comes to courses. And while deciding between a class taught by a Nobel laureate and one that gives you the opportunity to consult with industry-leading companies might seem like the ultimate first world problem, it is a tradeoff we have to consider at times. In my first year, I enlisted the help of academic advisors and second-years alike to help with this decision. In my last year at Booth I’ll continue to rely on the help of those around me while also spending time reflecting on which topics that are truly impactful to me. Through this I’d like to take courses that are not only interesting to me but that provide insight for my future career.

3.) Explore the city of Chicago
While I’ve come to love the Loop for its views of the lake and UChicago’s campus in Hyde Park, I’m embarrassed to admit that after a year in Chicago I’ve yet to fully explore the many wonderful things the city has to offer. This year, I plan to make it a priority to fully discover the diverse neighborhoods of Chicago. Thankfully, I have many Boothie friends (and some previous TBE posts) who know Chicago inside and out to help me with this goal!

4.) Perpetuate Booth’s pay-it-forward mentality
The thing I am most grateful for from my first year at Booth is the amount of support I received from the second-year students. Whether it was helping me prep for interviews, deciding which classes to take, or being a sounding board when I had a rough week—the kindness and mentorship provided by second-years most certainly helped me get through my first year. This year, I want to pay-it-forward and contribute to our collaborative culture by mentoring the new first-years to perpetuate and strengthen the support first-year students receive at Booth.

5.) Step outside my comfort zone
Ask any Booth alumnus for advice on how to make the most of business school and they will undoubtedly say, “Take more risks and step outside your comfort zone.” While this means something different for everyone, for me it’s really about pushing myself to be in challenging situations—whether it’s joining a class group where I don’t know anyone, taking a course in the UChicago Law School, or even sharing my most personal stories with my fellow classmates. This year I’d like to continuously put myself in new circumstances and see what I can learn from them, both from myself and from those around me.

Now that I’ve got my goals, what’s the first step to accomplish them? Writing this blog post! Guess I’m on a good start to second-year success!

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