4 Reasons to Go to Booth for Your Career in Marketing

4 Reasons to Go to Booth for Your Career in Marketing

Photo from this year’s Marketing Conference

Chicago Booth has always had a strong reputation for finance and economics (8 Nobel Prizes, but who’s counting?). Much has been said about its offerings in those disciplines so I’ll let Booth’s reputation speak for itself. What I really want to do is shed light on what it means to study marketing at Booth. I want to share why I decided to come to Booth to pursue marketing and why I believe Booth is a fantastic marketing school, particularly in these data-driven times.

Here are 4 reasons I chose Booth for a career in marketing.

1- Support and access from the Kilts Center for Marketing

The Kilts Center supports marketing at the school by sponsoring research, fostering innovations in the curriculum, funding scholarships, and hosting regular programming. A sampling of the events it has offered in the past few years include the Miller Coors Case Competition (read more here), trainings on how to use Nielsen data, and the Marketing Day Forum, which offers students the opportunity to engage with CEOs, CMOs, and other senior executives in a small-group setting.

Something I am personally excited to plan with Kilts this year is Marketing Group’s Super Bowl event (more details to come), but I can share that it will involve an analysis of the impact and ROI of Super Bowl advertising. As all things Booth, this will incorporate number crunching and analytical insights.  

2- Multidisciplinary approach to marketing that emphasizes data

Marketing at Booth incorporates economics, psychology, and statistics into its curriculum, grounding its approach in theory but also encouraging students to test theory using analytical tools in order to find a concrete decision.

I appreciate the variety of classes I can take at Booth… from Marketing Strategy that grounded me on all the marketing basics, to Consumer Behavior, which looks at consumer psychology, to Experimental Marketing, in which I leveraged R to analyze the outcomes of different marketing experiments.

3- A strong community in Booth Marketing Group

As a co-chair of Booth Marketing Group, I have been fortunate enough to witness and partake in this robust yet tight-knit community. Our group produces solid programming in the form of sponsored Lunch and Learns, professional trainings, and an annual Marketing Conference. We also foster bonds through arguably some of the best socials on campus, marketing career treks, and the Marketing Families program where 2Ys mentor and train 1Ys for interviews.

Photo from this year’s Marketing Conference

4- Top alums and industry leaders in marketing

What do the President of Snacks at Kellogg’s, the Global CMO of SC Johnson, the Group President of Prepared Foods at Tyson, the VP of Marketing at Equinox, and the CEO of Chipotle (and former CEO of Taco Bell) have in common? They all attended Booth and post-Booth pursued careers in brand management/brand strategy!

Sally Grimes, ’97
Carla Dunham, ’03

To learn more about why Booth is the best MBA for making the most of your future marketing career, visit the Kilts Center website.