Leadership Beyond LEAD

Leadership Beyond LEAD

One of the reasons I came to Booth was to improve my leadership skills. Having been a student here for 6 months, I reconfirm that coming to Booth was the right decision regarding this goal. There are many opportunities to help improve your leadership skills, and I want to share some of them with you.

The first leadership opportunity I had was through our only required class: Leadership Effectiveness And Development (LEAD). LEAD is designed to build students’ leadership skills by providing hands-on and practical experience. I worked on tasks and projects with seven other squad members. Using several resources like the Hogan Personality Inventory, 360-degree feedback, and conducting team assignments, I gained a better understanding of my personality and the roles I tend to play in a team. As far as I know, in my home country of Japan, leadership improvement classes are not common; I really like the U.S’s idea that leadership can be taught and improved. I enjoyed LEAD quite a bit since working with people from different countries and backgrounds was a new experience for me. In my opinion, LEAD is one of the best classes at Booth.

Students from sister cohorts, Davis and Stuart, work together through a team-building activity during LEAD.

Student-led groups are also places in which students can strengthen their leadership skills. I belong to the Japan Club, which is organizing the Japan Trek during the spring quarter. About 12 Japanese students will lead a trek of 70 participants. We will travel to several cities in Japan, including Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, during spring break. The Japanese students in the Japan Club periodically gather and discuss how to make the trek fantastic for all participants. I hope everyone will enjoy the Japan Trek and create great memories. I am also a member of the Energy Club, which is organizing the Energy Forward Conference in April. This conference will examine the trends and opportunities defining both the conventional and alternative energy markets by welcoming distinguished keynote speakers from the industry. Our target is 250 attendees and I am very excited to host such a great event and to provide opportunities in which attendees can learn about the market from the industry leaders.

Another leadership opportunity I’m taking advantage of Booth’s leadership opportunities is by serving as the Country Captain for Japan. The Country Captains and US Regional Captains are tasked by increasing awareness of Chicago Booth and working on growing relationships with prospect students and alumni in various regions and countries throughout the world. As a Japan Country Captain I helped organize a coffee chat in Tokyo during the winter break, where prospective students could talk with current students and alumni. We also keep in touch with admitted students and give them information about Booth that support and help them make decisions. Through these kinds of activities I hope to increase the awareness and presence of Booth in Japan.

The opportunities mentioned above are small parts of the whole. At Booth, you will find yourself surrounded by lots of opportunities, and I am sure you will find the right opportunities for you.