Ski Trip!

Ski Trip!

While there’s no shortage of opportunities to get to know fellow Boothies through both academic and professional-related pursuits, I’ve found that the best way to bond with classmates is off campus. Specifically, my experiences traveling to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the first year MBA class retreat during orientation and to Colombia for the spring break trek positioned me well to continue fostering relationships with old friends and connect with new ones. This past winter break, I had the opportunity to add another Boothie trek to my list: the annual ski trip! This year, the ski trip was held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

What an incredible opportunity to spend a week full of events, parties and hitting the slopes (shout out to the six excellent BSSC Co-Chairs for planning an amazing trip) along with ~350 other Boothies! While I’m a novice skier at best, I knew that the trip would provide me with the ability to get to know my classmates better and give me the chance to sharpen my skills on the slopes. In fact, since most of my closer friends at Booth are proficient skiers, I cherished the opportunity to make new friends by skiing with other Boothies who were closer to my skill level. It was pretty amazing to see firsthand the Booth community at work; all of the Boothies with whom I skied welcomed me into their group with open arms and couldn’t have been more encouraging to a novice like myself.

If you’re reading this and know anything about Booth, you’ll know that the ski trip is about more than just skiing. The first night started out with Booth’s annual “Holidazed” party in which students were urged to wear their most outrageous holiday attire while enjoying s’mores, peppermint patties and other holiday treats at Steamboat’s hottest après-ski bar, Timber & Torch.

On day two, the BSSC Co-Chairs hosted a day social on the mountain, in which Boothies enjoyed chili and music while watching their fellow classmates race down from the top. For “Rumble in the Jungle,” Boothies put on their favorite animal onesies and took the gondola to the top of Steamboat Mountain where they had the opportunity to dance the night away at 10,000 feet, with the help of DJ White Panda. Other events included a saloon crawl in downtown Steamboat Springs and, you guessed it, the ‘90s party.

However, the highlight of trip for me was the Steamboat Hot Springs. It was amazing to relax and detox in a 106 degree Fahrenheit pool seemingly indifferent to the surrounding snowy landscape and 10 degree crisp, numbing air. The idyllic scenery served as an incredible backdrop for enjoying the springs with 350 of my close friends.

 As I reflect upon my Booth experience, I can confidently say that ski trip was one of the highlights. Not only did I step out of my comfort zone by working on my skiing ability, but I also did so by continuing to meet and bond with new Boothies. For me, this year’s ski trip truly embodied the Booth Experience.  

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