School’s Out: Booth vs. the Polar Vortex

School’s Out: Booth vs. the Polar Vortex

This week, UChicago cancelled classes for the first time in years to make way for a polar vortex and the coldest temperatures in Chicago history! In Hyde Park and around downtown, we made the most of the winter wonderland, inside and out. Check out some of the best moments of the week captured by Boothies below.

  • On Monday, our-snow covered campus was at its most beautiful! Here's Rosenwald Hall, on the Main Quad. Photo by Nikita Sachdeva ('19).
  • A snowy afternoon at the Harper Center before temperatures fell. Photo by Inbar Goodman ('19).
  • A little snow never stopped the Booth Football team this season. Photo from Nicholas Simonetti ('20).
  • On the walk back from the Gleacher Center, one Boothie captured the Chicago River mid-freeze. Photo by Joel Samaha ('19).
  • By morning, the river was a sheet of glass! Photo by Konstantin Rodin ('20).
  • A westward view from the Michigan Avenue Bridge. Photo by Sean Madison ('20).
  • A few blocks over at State Street, the Marina Towers were front and center on a sunny, frigid Tuesday. Photo by Paul Veiga ('19)
  • The Chicago Skyline, captured from one Boothie's South Loop apartment, with heat rising from every building in sight. Photo by Obi Mbanefo ('19).
  • In Wednesday's -26 degree weather, steam even rose from an icy Lake Michigan. Photo by Henry Wood ('19).
  • The coldest day ever was the perfect time to capture Cloud Gate, aka "the Bean," without interruption. Photo by Paul Veiga ('19).
  • Another great shot of the Bean with no tourists in sight. Photo by Sean Madison ('20).
  • Crisp air made for especially bright blue skies downtown. Photo by Gal Amran ('19).
  • An MPP (Boothie-filled building) corner apartment view of Millennium Park and the Lake. Photo by Kavya Thota ('19).
  • Some got out there and braved the coldest Chicago day ever. Second year Glen Gubbay, pictured here with his son decked out for the temperatures, practiced being "no bad weather, just bad gear" Chicagoans! Photo from Glen Gubbay ('19).
  • Boothies trekking out in the near-tundra were the only ones exploring Millennium Park Wednesday-- a perk of living right across the street. Photo by Rachelle Morris ('19).
  • The Millennium Monument. Photo by Paul Veiga ('19).
  • Meanwhile, most Boothies hunkered down. Here's the south of end of MPP's 15th floor, mid-Spa Day. Photo by Marisa Huff ('19).
  • Some settled in for one-on-one Backgammon. Photo by Joel Samaha ('19).
  • While others dressed up for the tropics indoors! Photo from Andrea Mazzocco ('19).
  • Many Boothies seized the opportunity to go all out for dinner--- quesadillas, grilled veggies and homemade guac featured here. Photo by Jess Goldberg ('19).
  • Pasta Carbonara, proscuitto and mozzarella for five. Photo by Lindsay Mullen ('19).
  • Others skipped the fine dining, and stocked up on snacks and hot chocolate.
  • When supplies ran low, La Bodega in River North stayed open! Turns out it's never too cold out for soft serve in a churro... Photo by Nikita Sachdeva ('19).
  • See you next time, polar vortex. Photo by Melanie Smith ('19).

(And in case you missed it, below-ever temperatures create the perfect conditions for some very scientific analysis.)

Jared Sokol (MD/MBA ’19) experiments with boiling water and -50 degree wind chill!

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