Alumni Engagement Opportunities

Alumni Engagement Opportunities

There seems to be a million things going on all the time, it’s hard to keep track. As I finish out my fifth quarter, I realize I will be an alum in just three months. One thing I’ve appreciated and look forward to, are all of the opportunities Booth offers to connect with alumni and help them stay engaged.

Through sporting events, social nights, and conferences, current students have the opportunity to engage with alumni throughout the year. Here are just a few of many ways we do that…

Alumni Breakfast Series

Two to four times a month, Alumni Relations hosts an alumni breakfast at the Gleacher Center. Students get the chance to have an intimate breakfast and conversation with an esteemed alumnus. The featured alumni range from mid-level to c-suite executives in a wide variety of industries.

CBAA Dinners

Being in a major city like Chicago has allowed students to take advantage of alumni events. In October, I got to attend an alumnae dinner hosted by the Chicago Booth Alumni Association (CBAA). I met alumni from as far back as 1989! The night included a reception, dinner, and conversation. The CBAA recently held another dinner for the wider Chicago-based alumni. Alumni and current students spoke about ways to increase interaction with Booth and current students.


Alumni constantly come back to campus and Booth events to speak about their experience. This past Friday, Phil Canfield, ’96, Managing Director at GTCR was a keynote speaker at the 18th Annual Beecken Petty O’Keefe & Company Private Equity Conference.

Earlier in February, Matt Niksch (MBA’04), Chief College Officer at Noble Charter School Network, spoke at the Boothed Conference.

Current students and alumni from Booth Rugby gathered at the International Rugby Weekend at Soldier Field last November.

Family Dinners

I recently attended a Booth Family Dinner with Franco Turrinelli, ’96, & Tomer Yogev, ’10. Booth Family Dinners are an opportunity to expand on our Booth family over a shared meal and good conversation. These interactive, intimate dinners are hosted by alumni and only include a small group of Booth students. Another benefit is that Alumni Relations takes care of the bill and hosts a series of dinners every quarter, so there are multiple chances to take advantage of this opportunity.

First Years participated in Worldwide Booth Night in Chicago during Orientation.

Worldwide Booth Night

Worldwide Booth Night occurs on the same day in September in many locations around the world . It’s a great chance to find a large gathering of alumni in one spot. I was actually in Dubai during the 2018 Worldwide Booth Night and attended the Dubai-based event while my classmates attended the Chicago-based event. I was surprised to see how many alumni came out to the event and I met alumni across all programs and years!