Women at Booth Series: Professors

There are so many amazing Professors at Chicago Booth that spend countless hours teaching, mentoring, and passing time with students inside and outside of the classroom. For this second installment of our Women At Booth series I sat down with two incredible Professors to hear more about their Booth experience.

Professor Linda Ginzel wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember. As she progressed through academia, Linda began to fall in love with psychology and the link between knowledge and action. She became the first Princeton Psychology PhD to teach at Stanford GSB and a few years later, after making her way to Chicago with her husband, joined Booth and created the executive education program.

Building out curriculum was always a dream of hers, so while teaching Managing in Organizations earlier in her career, Linda helped design the Booth programs in Barcelona, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Today she teaches Negotiations, a must-take while at Booth, and Leadership Capital, a master class that is part of the Executive Program but may soon be added to the Full-Time curriculum. In fact, Linda has released a new book, Choosing Leadership, that encapsulates many of the lessons included in her classes.

Linda also helps with other on-campus activities outside of the classroom. For example, this past Wednesday she moderated a talk hosted by the Kilts Marketing Center for Marketing with Deanie Elsner, a Booth alumna who has gone on to serve as CMO of Kraft Food Groups, President of the Snack BU at Kellogg Company, and now Board Member of Owens Corning.

While visiting or attending Booth everyone should schedule some time to chat with Linda. You’ll leave with a new perspective of Booth throughout the years, a higher sense of leadership and personal accountability, and a green pen. Final thoughts from Linda, “Be your own coach” and “Be wiser younger.”

Professor Lindsey Lyman is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Booth. She currently teaches Building the New Venture, a tactical, hands-on class about starting or joining an early stage company, and Innovation Leadership, a class that presents innovation from a corporate angle.

Lindsey was a first-generation college graduate and found great interest in business. She worked at McKinsey before joining the Booth faculty, where she progressed through multiple roles and had an incredible opportunity towards the end of her tenure to build it’s Innovation Practice. She loved working in this environment as she was surrounded by creative peers who always sought to challenge the status quo. Even today she continues to help others strategically approach innovation through her own consulting company, Growth Studios.

Lindsey has always held a strong passion for teaching and coaching. She was a TA in Professor Waverly Deutsch’s Building the New Venture class as a Full-Time student and credits Professor Deutsch as a significant mentor in her teaching life.

Lindsey offered the advice to constantly seek opportunities to learn and grow. She says, stay curious and when you get to a roadblock in your career, don’t stop, find a way around it!

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