Booth Dance takes on the IESE Spring Games

Booth Dance takes on the IESE Spring Games

This Spring Quarter, a couple of Boothies and I had the pleasure of attending the IESE Spring Games in the beautiful city of Barcelona. For the event, IESE Business School plays host to over 1000 students from top business schools around the globe. The games take place over a weekend, where participants spend the day taking part in a variety of activities ranging from beach volleyball to badminton; and spend the night getting to know people from all over the world!

For the first time ever, the Booth team took part in the games’ dance competition.

As an active member of the Booth Dance Club, I’ve enjoyed learning routines with my fellow classmates to perform at Booth Live, the Winter Formal, and our year end Follies show. To learn the routine for our Spring Games performance we practiced throughout the Winter Quarter and had the help of many talented Boothies.

Our practices and performance were made all the more special by the choreographers who helped us put together a dance that combined the styles of flamenco, hiphop, Bollywood, and bhangra. We wanted to dance a routine that would not only be fun to watch and perform, but one that showcased the diversity of our talented classmates. I’m happy to report we did just that.

One of the best parts about attending the Spring Games was getting to explore the city of Barcelona.  Travelling with my classmates is always an experience I look forward to. Getting away from campus and being placed in a new environment opens the door to developing deeper connections. During this trip, my fellow dancers and I explored a variety of sights including the famous La Boqueria on Las Ramblas. We even made a pit stop at the beach!

The Spring Games and the weekend in Barcelona were a great reminder of everything I am thankful for during my MBA experience. While participating in an international dance competition might sound like the plot to a Disney channel original movie and seem unrelated to what I am trying to accomplish during my time at Booth, in fact it fits right in with my business school goals. Dancing in the Spring Games has given me the ability to explore my passions, connect my creative pursuits to my quest for learning, and allowed me to meet people from all over the world with diverse perspectives. The fact that we brought home second place is just the cherry on top.

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