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I’m originally from New Delhi, India, and I was living and working in Mumbai prior to coming to Booth. To say that the weather is a bit different from back home is definitely an understatement. That said, I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Chicago this past year, and the city is beginning to feel like home. One of the motivating factors for me to pursue an MBA was that I wanted to take time off from work and explore different things — take new classes, meet diverse people, and focus on my interests.

The academic experience at Booth has been incredible to say the least. I was looking for a school that was academically rigorous, so I could develop a strong base across uncharted territories such as economics and finance. Being here, I’m glad to find myself challenged, but not out of my depth. My favorite courses have been The FinTech Revolution with Prof. Luigi Zingales and Designing a Good Life with Prof. Nick Epley.

Booth has also given me the unique opportunity to meet some incredible people, work closely with them, and develop some amazing memories along the way. My favorite of these has to be spending seven days on an off-trail trek in Patagonia, Chile, with 22 fellow Boothies. (You’ll be able to read more about this adventure in one of my upcoming blog posts). Being a part of the LEAD facilitator group of 2020 has also been an extremely rewarding experience. Over the last quarter, 40 of us have worked closely to design the LEAD curriculum for the upcoming year, and we are excited and ready to welcome the Class of 2021! Through all of these, I’ve seen the friendly and supportive community here at work, which has truly eased the transition for me into the MBA.

Prior to Booth I was working as a project manager at Dalberg Advisors — a firm I truly loved and admired. Booth has helped me recognize and deepen my interest in consulting, and this summer I’m interning as an associate at McKinsey and Co. (Fingers crossed that it’s a good fit for me.)

Looking forward to sharing my Booth experience with you in my second year!

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