Returning Home to Make a Change

Returning Home to Make a Change

New York City feels like home to me. Having grown up in the metro area and lived in various boroughs after college, I feel at home in the city. When I decided to pursue an investment banking internship, I was comforted by the fact that moving to an unfamiliar city would not be part of the equation.

Coming to Booth as a non-traditional student, enhancing my knowledge and skill set were very important to me. After six years in the public health space, I was eager to dive into finance and gain an understanding for how financial services worked. This summer, I interned at Bank of America in the Global Industrials Group. While working in the heart of Manhattan wasn’t new, I still grew and developed in ways I never imagined.

Excitement for the Industry
Working in the industrials group was exciting because I learned about new emerging companies that I had never heard of before. One of my first projects was working on a debt raising round for a fast-growing chemicals company. Examining their financials for the past few years proved that their automotive products are in high demand and ones I come in contact with frequently. More than the industry, I learned about the process of working with clients to meet their expectations but also give sound advice and ensure our opinions were based on evidence. I was able to see the connection between the finance classes I took in my first quarter at Booth and using my new knowledge to help make firm decisions for clients. 

Teamwork and Project Management 
I quickly realized why Booth places such a heavy emphasis on group projects inside the classroom. Juggling several projects meant working closely with folks across our group and the bank. The soft skills emphasized in each group project at Booth are great practice for the work place. I enjoyed not only adding my ideas but watching how those who had been in the industry for a while pulled in multiple points of view into a final product. 

Getting to know those currently at Bank of America showed me why the Booth community is so respected. Throughout the bank, I felt supported by both recent and established Booth grads. Having a safe space to talk through challenges and receive feedback was essential to successfully completing my internship. Outside of bonding with the other summer associates in my group, I especially appreciate the tight relationships and connection formed between the other Booth interns. We were able to support each other during the entire internship, and I formed new friendships that I will take with me back to campus. 

Work Life Balance
Investment banking is not known as the easiest field, but from the full-time bankers I learned a lot about managing your career with other areas of life. No matter which field you are in, you must be proactive in establishing boundaries for yourself and letting others know what is important to you. While this is more difficult during an internship, these skills are essential for feeling whole and emotionally healthy as you move into full-time positions.