Military MBAs at Booth

Military MBAs at Booth

Mike Coss served in the Army as an Armored Assault Vehicle Officer — the branch of the Army that operates tanks and other tracked fighting vehicles that weigh in excess of 30 tons. He chose Booth for his MBA because it offered the best confluence of community and academics. Read on to hear more from Mike’s experience at Booth.

The Armed Forces Group (AFG) at Booth was a tremendous resource and sounding board for me as I went through the application process. I received feedback on my resume, learned how to prepare for the interview, and heard from current vets about their experiences at Booth.

I ultimately choose Booth because it offered the best confluence of both a strong sense of community and the academic rigor I was looking for in an MBA program.

Thus far, I have enjoyed most how surprisingly diverse and talented the Booth class is. I have never been a member of an organization that has such a wide variety of experiences and I have continually been pleased with how engaging and intellectual Boothies are.

The community at Booth is very pragmatic and selfless. Boothies are constantly going out of their way to help their classmates succeed both personally and professionally. I am involved in the AFG as well as the Booth Analytics Club, Tech Club, and Management Consulting Group. (Heavy emphasis on professional clubs Fall Quarter 1Y).

Post-Booth I want to work in the future of mobility space, the intersection of several prominent trends in the automotive industry including ride-sharing, electrification, and automation.

Booth is one of the top business schools in the world for a reason. The most difficult thing here is deciding on which of the litany of opportunities possible to pursue.

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