Get to Know Danna Fishbein

Get to Know Danna Fishbein

I am originally from Israel and lived in Tel-Aviv before relocating to Chicago almost a year ago to begin my MBA. I studied business and accounting in undergrad and also have a MA in financial economics. Right before Booth, I worked as a Strategic Partner Manager at Google. This summer I’ll be joining the JPMorgan Chase Associate Summer Internship Program.

When I began searching for business schools, Booth immediately emerged as my top choice for a number of reasons, including its incredible “question everything” atmosphere, academic excellence, flexible curriculum, emphasis on teamwork and leadership, and above all the strong student and alumni network.  After a year at Booth, I have seen all those elements come to life. I’ve learned a ton, received tremendous support from the Booth community, and met incredible people. I am currently Co-Chair of the Jewish Business Students Association (JBSA) and part of many more clubs. There are so many opportunities here at Booth, that even with a full quarter of social distancing, the year went by so fast!

My first piece of advice to incoming Booth students is to connect with your future classmates even before the first day of classes in the Fall. Whether you have the opportunity to join a Random Walk, connect with fellow Boothies in your home city, or join virtual hangouts—you’ll appreciate bonding with future classmates and have a close group of friends even before school starts. My second piece of advice is to become familiar with the large variety of clubs, centers, and organizations Booth has to offer. There are so many things to do, it helps to know where to focus before the beginning of the year.

As an international student, I’d love to be a resource for other international incoming students moving to Chicago – so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

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