Get to Know Ramya Ganti

Get to Know Ramya Ganti

Hi Everyone!

I’m Ramya! I’m originally from Hyderabad, India. My penchant for problem solving led me towards a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Osmania University. After completing undergrad, I joined Deloitte Consulting where I worked mostly with healthcare clients – payor, provider, and pharma clients.

Prior to Booth, I was in Nashville, TN where I worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a teaching hospital. At Vanderbilt, I worked at the intersection of the Operations Management and Data Analytics departments. There, I used data analytics to conduct research and provided actionable inputs to physicians to improve patient care and safety. During my time at Vanderbilt, as I worked with various departments across the hospital, I realized the importance of having a holistic business understanding.

I came to Booth to elevate my understanding about business and to also expand my network in the US. I’m pursuing concentrations in Marketing Management, Business Analytics, and General Management. Since I’ve mostly worked in the healthcare sector, I wanted to explore a new industry for my summer internship. That led me to the food and agriculture space, which seemed exciting because the space is growing rapidly, and, with this rapid growth, there are numerous challenges rising to the surface that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. So, I chose to work at Cargill, Incorporated over the summer as a Corporate Strategy Associate Intern.

Though I’ll be sharing a lot about my MBA experience with you, I’d like to share a bit of how I spend my time outside of work and school. Let’s play two truths and a wish!

Which of the following statements do you think is a wish?

  • I gambled at a casino in Vegas for 24 hours straight!
  • At 24, I overcame my biggest fear, swimming, by snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea. Surprisingly, my near-death experience during a practice session quashed all the fear I had for water rather than scarring me for life.
  • I went to Machu Picchu last summer and fell in love with the place instantly.

The first two statements are truths and the third one is a wish! I would love to visit Machu Pichu and hike the popular Inca Trail. While travel seems off the table for the moment, I’m looking forward to sharing other aspects of my Booth experience with you this year!