Ode to the Class of 2021 – Thank You for an Incredible Two Years

Ode to the Class of 2021 – Thank You for an Incredible Two Years

I don’t know where to begin in reflecting on my last two years at Booth. When I think about how I got here, it feels like it was all meant to happen the way it did. What felt like a huge rejection in 2017 meant I ultimately matriculated with classmates that challenged me in and out of the classroom. Being waitlisted twice, and then accepted in Round 3, left me with fewer choices for Random Walk, and a spot on the Belize trip is where I met some of my best friends that I will cherish forever. Though this year had no shortage of hardship for so many, I’m blessed to have found some unexpected positives from the impact COVID-19 had on our class’ experience. Sure, the virtual environment wasn’t ideal, but it taught me how to foster close relationships in different ways. Not to mention the appreciation we all have for each other, as we begin to see a new normal, is deeper than if the last two years had gone as expected.

Something to know about me is that I love to rhyme and write silly poems. So,I figured what better time to write one than for my last The Booth Experience blog post. 

I remember my first time at the Harper Center
It was for my (first) interview some time in 2017, November

I was lost and scared but excited for what was to be
In December of 2018 I was saddened to learn the Class of 2019 wouldn’t include me

I chose to see opportunity in the next year or two
 I would change jobs, functions, cities, and learn something new

After two-ish years I missed Harper Center and wanted to try again
I ascended those stairs on the 6th of November nervous for my interview at 10

It went well! I felt confident, like I belonged there in the Fall
Two rounds of the waitlist and I got THE call 

I met two of my best friends on my Random Walk to Belize
They’re inspiring, changemakers, spicy, and accept me for me

Next thing I knew I was descending the stairs to attend my first class
Baby Micro where I learned how to graph a perfectly competitive market and equilibrium by Nash

It was at a ladies wine night that I met more of my closest friends
Friends that challenge me, help me grow, and laugh till my wits end

Two quarters in and our world was upside down 
I was one of the lucky ones: healthy, privileged, safe and sound

While a virtual experience wasn’t what I signed up for at all
 I found my love of virtual games, wine tours, and friend Zoom calls  

I had the opportunity to be an Admissions Fellow, BTG Family Lead, and Lead Facilitator
I found that I love shaping the class, learning who I am as a leader, and mentoring others

As we see our world returning to some sense of a normal pace
I’ve begun attending events, seeing my classmates face to face

I don’t wish it all happened differently than it did
I believe my relationships are as strong as they are because of Covid

Perhaps that’s a bit selfish, finding a silver lining in something so painful
But if there’s anything our class is, it’s resilient and close, and for that I’m thankful

I’m so honored to be a part of the class of 2021
I couldn’t have asked for a better Booth family to reminisce with in the years to come