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Spotlight on Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15 – October 15, celebrates the contributions of Hispanic-Americans who have influenced American culture for centuries. In celebration, The Booth Experience Team is highlighting students Juan Pagan, ’21, and Alexandra Salgado, ’21, as they share their unique experiences. This year, we are celebrating Latinx Heritage Month at UChicago with a series of events and festivities.

I grew up in the Southeast side of Los Angeles, in a predominantly blue-collar Latino neighborhood. My childhood was shaped by stories of heroism from the Mexican Revolution and weekend carne asadas (BBQ’s) surrounded by a close-knit family. When I think of what Latinx Heritage Month means to me, it is a celebration of all of these things—the elements that root me in my culture—but it is also a recognition of the many ways we as Latinos have shaped our own identity in the United States. 

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