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Memories of the 2019 Dusable Conference

Upon my acceptance to Booth in 2018, I received an outpouring of support from the Booth community. Both my email and snail mail were filled with notes, invitations and information about my new home for two years. One invitation was to the 2018 Dusable Conference. The DuSable Conference is the flagship event for Booth’s African American MBA Association. It aims to serve as the nexus for activity in Chicago’s Black Business Economy by delivering content to encourage collaboration between AAMBAA Students and Alumni, Chicago Black Business Owners, Chicago Black Professionals, and the broader University of Chicago Black constituency. While I was not able to attend the conference that year, I put it on my list of must-dos for my time at Booth. 

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Balancing Four MBA internships while at Booth

Attending business school in the heart of a major city affords you many opportunities, one of which is taking advantage of the plethora of companies in the area. For students who are hoping to enter a specialized or niche sector, internships provide opportunities to build your resume or get your foot in the door of your desired company while still a student. 

Having completed four internships, Mary Wang is one student who has taken full advantage of in-school work opportunities. I sat down with my friend (and roomate!) to learn more about her experience with internships at Booth. 

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Diversity Day was a Turning Point in my Journey to Booth

In September of 2017, I received an email from Booth inviting me to Diversity Day. Similar to most overly-eager MBA prospects, I registered the same day. I visited Chicago for the first time with an interest in learning more about Booth and seeing if the school and city were places I could see myself for two years. Luckily for me, Diversity Day developed into an important turning point in my journey towards business school and Booth. 

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Returning Home to Make a Change

New York City feels like home to me. Having grown up in the metro area and lived in various boroughs after college, I feel at home in the city. When I decided to pursue an investment banking internship, I was comforted by the fact that moving to an unfamiliar city would not be part of the equation.

Coming to Booth as a non-traditional student, enhancing my knowledge and skill set were very important to me. After six years in the public health space, I was eager to dive into finance and gain an understanding for how financial services worked. This summer, I interned at Bank of America in the Global Industrials Group. While working in the heart of Manhattan wasn’t new, I still grew and developed in ways I never imagined.

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Get to Know Ashley Allison

I’m originally from Maplewood, NJ, and after getting my degree in International Relations from Tufts, I moved to New York City to work in public health. Having lived abroad several times, I have a passion for international issues, which I get to explore through my role as the VP of Global Affairs on the GBC Executive Board.

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