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VIDEO: A Day in the Life of a Booth Student

What’s it like to  be a student at Booth? Take a look at a day of waking up in MPP, taking the 7:48AM Metra to Hyde Park with all your friends, class, group meetings, coffee and cookies with Dean Kole, attending Booth Stories, a little afternoon fro-yo from Kovler, studying in the “Harry Potter” library (not its official name), metra back, band practice at Music Garage to get ready for LollapaBOOTHa, play in the Running with the Bulls game versus Kellogg at the United Center, head over to Trivia Night in Old Town with your crew. Repeat.

A Reflection on the SXSW MBA Pitch Competition

The energy from my team is exultant. They’ve just announced the winners for the 3rd Annual MBA Pitch Competition at SXSW Interactive – and we, Riviter, took first place! One of the judges, an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Texas, approaches and asks which business school we’re from. “Chicago Booth,” one of us replies. “Oh,” he says, grinning. “I should’ve guessed. That’s where all of the entrepreneurs I meet are from these days.”

That makes me proud – because, slight allowance for hyperbole aside, he’s right.

Way back in 2012, I came to Chicago for my admissions interview. My former coworker, Dave, was at Booth and launching a start-up. He knew I was interested in entrepreneurship, so the night before my interview he took me to SeedCon 2012, an annual conference hosted by the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club. I arrived just in time to hear the opening keynote from the founder of Alinea, Continue reading A Reflection on the SXSW MBA Pitch Competition

The limitations of K-means: Why You Can’t Cluster Booth Students

Pardon the stats pun, I just submitted my Big Data midterm, and I’m pretty obsessed with the class. As a little background, K-means is a way to group people, things, etc. into “clusters” by finding the attributes they share with other members of the sample. Personally, I don’t think even Professor Taddy could build a clustering algorithm that could capture the myriad amazing attributes of Booth students. But I swear this post isn’t about stats. It’s about people.

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Cohorts Compete for the Cohort Cup!

As you probably know, each class at Booth is divided into 10 cohorts. We spend the first month of school our first year with our cohorts in Orientation+ (of which LEAD is a big component). Then throughout the year, we have events and competitions organized by cohorts: The Golden Gargoyles Film Competition and Awards Night, a Field Day style competition at Windy City Field House, trivia nights, a Booth Beach Olympics in the spring, etc.

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Fall Fun in Chicago

Fall can feel like a whirlwind at Booth. First year, I spent my fall obsessively  “coffee-chatting”, “crop-circling”,  and “corporate-conversationing” — a strange lexicon of made-up verbs familiar to the 250 or so of us who put ourselves through the process of recruiting for management consulting internships each year.

However, fall also brings a host of other pursuits to Booth and Chicago. Among some of my favorites are….

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