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Chicago Booth Idol

Current student Shelley Gupta shares her experience at AudioBooth’s recent performance in front of the Chicago Booth student body at TNDC.

As the AudioBooth co-chair and a performer/singer at Booth, I get to express myself and share my passion with my peers on a regular basis. AudioBooth is a student group that is tailored to all lovers of music. You do not need to be a musician to be part of this free club, as we promote not only Booth concerts, but also musical outings around Chicago. We all share a love of music together.

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New Year, New State of Mind, NVC

2016 is here, and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. When the New Year started, millions around the world awoke with renewed hopes and plans, strengthened commitment to goals old and new. The New Year means different things to different individuals such as working out more, eating more organic food, and reading more books. To many people, the New Year means…

A chance to start fresh and make new friends.
A chance to erase all the worries, fears, and mistakes of the year before and replace them with something positive.
A chance to forgive & forget & move forward. To find a better way by learning from our mistakes.
A new chance to forgive ourselves and others.
A chance to start new goals or even old ones and work our way towards completing them with even more excitement.

Well… for Chicago Booth students, the New Year brings the Edward L. Kaplan, ’71, New Venture Challenge (NVC) and a chance for students to vet their new business ideas.

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Life Is Worth Living by Justin Bieber

Many people know Justin Bieber as the spoiled pop star who doesn’t appreciate the musical talents he was given because of his foolish actions, especially as of late. I would have to agree in some ways but putting all of those childish events aside, I believe if you give Justin Bieber another chance and listen to his most recent album, Justin Bieber can teach us a bit about life and about persevering through the lengthy and extensive MBA journey. Taking a deeper look at his newest album (Purpose), in particular, the title, you will feel “Purpose” was meant for listeners to go on a personal voyage to discover their true calling. The “Purpose” album makes me think about how Chicago Booth students are questioned every day in the walls of Harper… there is one question that echoes throughout our student body consistently…  When students decide to attend Booth, they commit to a customized and flexible path to pursue their passions… Why are you here and not somewhere else

So, let’s talk about “Purpose”…

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Outliers: The Story of Chicago Booth

Definition of OUTLIER

IMG_3875noun | out·li·er

  1. A thing situated away or detached from the main system
  2. Significant change or mismeasurement.
  3. Data value (The Chicago Booth way 🙂 ) that falls outside the shape of the distribution for that variable. It indicates a special case that might be worth further investigation.

* An outlier can be an unusual, important observation.

As Malcolm Gladwell puts it in his book, Outliers … individuals need to commit 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to truly master a skill such as playing the violin, computer programming, or skateboarding.

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Why are you here and not somewhere else?

From the first day I walked through the doors of Harper Center last summer, I may have heard “why are you here and not somewhere else?” about a thousand times. And if you haven’t heard this Booth mantra yet… you definitely will. In fact, this mantra is even a popular installation of the infamous Chicago Booth art collection. Simply put, this is the million dollar question. Imagine me before B-school… I’m in a room of around 500 Zambian students; all bright, eager and vulnerable. My Kucetekela team only have a year to develop applications that will further the education of Zambian generations to follow. I am teary eyed because of the cycle of academic inefficiency and inaccessibility that breeds poverty from the lowest to the highest levels in developing nations. I am faced with selecting the “talented tenth,” having to leave behind the other portion of Zambia’s student population without the proper solution. I raise my head, dry my eyes, and pray for the many students the startup’s efforts cannot reach. I am hopeful that if some succeed, each student can support many others.

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