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Summer in the Cloud(s)

I went on an adventure in Seattle this summer to a new industry—technology. The title of this article is not a reference to the mostly overcast weather in the Pacific Northwest, but rather to Microsoft’s cloud, Azure. Working in the Cloud Infrastructure COGS Finance team, I sought to build a framework to assess margins of various cloud computing products and to find solutions that enhance efficiency.

As I spent the first few days learning about the cloud from various experts in engineering, program management, demand forecasting, and capacity planning, it became clear that the problem we were tackling was complex, salient, and interdisciplinary; cloud growth and margins are key drivers of valuation. I found the process of understanding various stakeholders’ perspectives thoroughly exciting. Being able to translate the language of engineering or economics research into that of finance and vice-versa was something my liberal arts education at Wellesley College, followed by investment banking for two technical industries—power and renewables, and financial institutions—had prepared me well for.

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Best Booth Moment: Realizing my professor exists outside of class

Booth students share their favorite stories about engaging with faculty out of class as our Best Booth Moment series continues.

“What are you running away from?” A profound question from a MacArthur Fellow (a certified “genius”) that left me stumped. But not for too long.

There seem to be two sets of people currently around me: those who ask why I came to Booth and those who have firsthand seen my passion for economics in classes or at talks. The reasons that led me to leave India’s top law school to attend Wellesley College also led me to move continents once again to join Booth; these included the desire to better understand human decision-making and the ability to work anywhere in the world. When I was accepted to Booth, I felt overwhelming excitement at the prospect of learning from the world’s leading economists. Learning that Sendhil Mullainathan would be joining the UChicago faculty only added to the fervor.

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