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The elections are here

I never lived in the United States before business school, but I’ve followed US presidential politics since 2004 when an election event was held for students at the US embassy. This year’s electoral journey has been long and hard. For Americans. As an international student that got to the US just in time to experience the entire process, I have to say that this has been enlightening. Although, I’m more than ready to see the outcome. Continue reading The elections are here

What to expect your first year at Booth

Class of 2018, You made it!!

You’re about to start the best two-year journey of your life, which is also very likely the most expensive two-year vacation of your life. But don’t worry about that for now.

You’re excited and you should be, you’ve just joined the best business school in the world. You’re probably wondering what it’s going to be like and what to expect. Well, you’re in luck… I was in the same situation last year and can give you some insights.

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Getting to the Farm via B-School

One of the perks of designing your own MBA and your own internship is being able to set work aside for a moment so you can sit by a creek and watch the sun set beautifully. Before coming to Booth, I was a consultant in Lagos, Nigeria, where I saw most of my sunsets through the window of an office building or a vehicle in traffic.

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