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Inspiring Conversations on Finance from CFOs

If you asked me to name one attribute of the Booth MBA that stands out to me – I would say that the Booth experience is one of depth. Depth in academic immersion, depth in professional relationships, and depth in leadership.

This depth of leadership and accomplishment was celebrated last month at the  2017 Chicago Booth CFO Conference – an annual gathering of Booth alumni who helm finance at the most inspiring global companies. The range of experiences, tenures, and industries is staggering – as well as testimony to the powerful impact that these CFOs have in shaping the corporate world in North America, and globally.

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Learning from the Best

Joe Osnoss addresses a packed room of students gathered for Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity (EFPE) taught by Professor Steven Kaplan, one of Booth’s most coveted and ‘expensive’ (in terms of bid points, of course!) classes. Joe Osnoss is Managing Director at Silver Lake Partners, and is a leading voice in the Private Equity world – he discusses nuances in taxation with the same ease that he talks about negotiating with stakeholders across the deal table. What I like about the lecture is his ability to ‘zoom in’ – with incredible mastery over financial intricacies, and at the same time ‘zoom out’ – weaving several years of investing experience into his judgment.

This is one of the core aspects of the Chicago Booth Curriculum – it integrates deep academic research with speakers from industry who offer relevant and actionable insight on how to apply a theoretical framework in business.

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Creating Lasting Impact in Healthcare

On the first day of Spring Quarter, Professor Dan Adelman welcomed his students to Booth’s Healthcare Analytics Lab exclaiming, “Over the next 11 weeks, you will embark on a journey that is going to push you, and make you learn skills that you will use through the rest of your career.”

Healthcare Analytics Lab is an opportunity that is unique to Chicago Booth. And Professor Adelman’s advice was prophetic.

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Reflections on the World MBA Summit: What Business can learn from the Arts

As the curtains came down in Miami, I reflected with my team of fellow Boothies on how immersive the past three days had been – we were at the World MBA Summit, hosted from March 9th to 12th at the University of Miami, and at several locations around the city. At this conference, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of the world’s top MBA students about a topic that I am deeply passionate about – “What Business can learn from the Arts.”

The World MBA Summit is a 3-day conference featuring the top-100 MBA students from around the globe. It is in a creatively-designed program that facilitates stimulating conversations and exchange of ideas. Personally, the conference gave me the opportunity to have some deeply transformative conversations; and share something with a diverse, international audience that stems from my background as a classical musician.

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