Ramiro Sanchez Caballero

Booth’s Pay-it-forward Culture

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Chicago Booth’s pay-it-forward culture. First year students receive help from second year students even before class officially starts. One example is during Random Walks, when second years lead one-week...

My Big, Fat, Boothie Wedding

Spring Break 2016 was not your typical Spring Break… at least for me. Even though I travelled with 30 friends to a warmer, southern location, I was not going crazy every night. Instead, I got married (which may be crazy in your books!).

Becoming Don Draper

Advertising has changed dramatically since the Sterling Cooper / Mad Men days. Although there are quite a few Don Drapers out there pitching their big ideas, advertising today has evolved into a new form that amalgamates creativity with data...

Preparing Your Booth Application?

Now that I have been on both sides of the table as interviewee and interviewer, and have been a Boothie for over a year, I would like to share my perspective on a few ways to prepare yourself when applying to Booth. These will not guarantee your...