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What it’s like being a part of the New Venture Challenge 2016

I always knew that I wanted to participate in the New Venture Challenge since I had heard so much about it when I was applying to Booth. Don’t know what the New Venture Challenge is? Gordon gave a good summary of it here. My interest in NVC grew once spring quarter arrived my first year and I found out that some of my friends were on teams like Maestro (now Tovala) or Weelio (both teams that competed in the 2015 New Venture Challenge). I saw them wearing their team shirts, prepping for pitches, and sharing the new milestones their companies were reaching in a matter of weeks.

This year, I’m getting to participate in the excitement too!

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Congratulations to All Round 2 Admitted Students!

All students admitted to Booth in Round 2 should have heard back by now. Congratulations to all those admitted! I remember getting the call two years ago and the thrill of knowing that my hard work, and the generosity of everyone that helped me along the way, had paid off. I am so excited for all of you and your next two years. Congratulations again and hopefully I will get to see some of you at First Day in the spring!


More Boothies Abroad

In case you thought Booth students only studied abroad in Paris, here are some pics from other second-year Boothies scattered around the world during the 2016 Winter Quarter.

Thais Muntada Cavinatto (HKUST – Hong Kong)

12737091_10153878127768397_285355037_o (1)

Having the opportunity to experience new adventures and learn about not only another totally different culture in the other side of the world but also about my inner self has been incredible! Yoga practicing at sunrise in Thailand!

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Booth Abroad in Paris

As some readers may know already, Booth offers the opportunity to study abroad through The International Business Exchange Program (IBEP). More information on IBEP can be found in this earlier blog post. I decided to study abroad at ESSEC in France this winter quarter. I was curious about courses that weren’t offered at Booth (such as International Luxury Distribution) and the chance to fit in more traveling was certainly appealing.

So far the quarter is off to a great start! Here are  some highlights:

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