The Booth Experience

Meet the New Team!

Hello from your newest team members at The Booth Experience! We have big shoes to fill as we take the reins of the blog, and we’re excited to bring our passions, interests, and stories to you over the next year. Our team has already started...

Our Team’s Best Booth Moments

Thank you to all of our fellow classmates for sharing your Best Booth Moments with us this year! Now that we are moving on to post-MBA life, our team wanted to take a moment to share our own favorites and to wish you the best as we embark on this...

Being an Introvert in the MBA

Last year, TBE blogger Oma Nwabudike posted an article about being an introverted MBA student. It turned out to be one of our most-read blog posts of all time!  Whichever way you lean on the Myers-Briggs scale, this is a raw look into how the...

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