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Why are you here and not somewhere else?

From the first day I walked through the doors of Harper Center last summer, I may have heard “why are you here and not somewhere else?” about a thousand times. And if you haven’t heard this Booth mantra yet… you definitely will. In fact, this mantra is even a popular installation of the infamous Chicago Booth art collection. Simply put, this is the million dollar question. Imagine me before B-school… I’m in a room of around 500 Zambian students; all bright, eager and vulnerable. My Kucetekela team only have a year to develop applications that will further the education of Zambian generations to follow. I am teary eyed because of the cycle of academic inefficiency and inaccessibility that breeds poverty from the lowest to the highest levels in developing nations. I am faced with selecting the “talented tenth,” having to leave behind the other portion of Zambia’s student population without the proper solution. I raise my head, dry my eyes, and pray for the many students the startup’s efforts cannot reach. I am hopeful that if some succeed, each student can support many others.

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Sympathy for the Intern: an intro post

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of unconventional taste. I am not the stereotypical Boothie, I have not recruited for banking nor management consulting. I do not understand NFL’s rules and do not live in MPP. So, if you expect to learn about Wall Street networking, I am sorry to disappoint you. I will be sharing my experiences at Booth from the eyes of a passionate nerd. Often enough, I will be writing about the Soccer Club, off-campus recruiting, life as an international student, the social scene, Innovation Consulting, Random Walk, long-distance relationships, and food.

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Meet the New Team via Video

For the past several weeks, all eleven of us on your new TBE team have been hard at work at our internships, and we can’t wait to tell you about those experiences in the coming weeks. We are even more excited to get back to Harper Center to start sharing our perspectives on what it really means to go to Booth – everything from our favorite classes to the unforgettable travel experiences to the amazing community that makes this place so unique.

But in the meantime, we thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves and our stories in a bit more of a personal manner via our video profiles. Continue reading Meet the New Team via Video

Goodbye and Hello, A New Team on the Scene

This past weekend, the TBE’15 Team received their degrees and exited their two years upon the Midway stage.  We wish them all the best.

The TBE’16 team is excited as we enter our internships and we look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you. We’ve put together a great team this year and will be writing from all over. Our internships span the globe, from New York and Chicago, to Johannesburg and back, but nothing is more diverse than our points of view.

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Switching things up, Part III: Exploring a new country

One thing which I realized after moving to the US was that holidays here are very different from the country I am from. In India, holidays and family festivities are centered around Diwali, while here in the US it starts from the Thanksgiving week and ends with Christmas and New Years.  Like most of the internationals living far away from their families, I took this opportunity to get together with other international students and travel around the US. Having just moved to the US, I had a clean slate of travel adventures to write upon. Over my 2 years here at Chicago Booth, I got to travel much more than I have travelled before. This is also thanks to enthusiastic bunch of students at Booth who are always ready to join. Continue reading Switching things up, Part III: Exploring a new country