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Get to know James Wang

I’m from St. Louis, and stayed true to my Midwestern roots by getting a degree in Economics from Northwestern. I loved Chicago so much that I couldn’t imagine leaving, and I’m lucky that there are such fantastic institutions right here in the city to make that possible. The reasons why I chose Booth beyond location were its reputation and the access I would have to incredible faculty.

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Meet the New Team!

Hello from your newest team members at The Booth Experience! We have big shoes to fill as we take the reins of the blog, and we’re excited to bring our passions, interests, and stories to you over the next year.

Our team has already started brainstorming ways to bring you fresh insights and dynamic content—think themed months, Instagram stories, and maybe even a podcast! What all of these will have in common is a comprehensive, candid, and insider’s look at what it’s like to be a Full-Time MBA student at Chicago Booth. From our favorite classes and spots to study on campus to recruiting advice and best Chicago restaurants, we’ll be giving you a glimpse at the entire Booth experience from start to finish.

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Teaming up for Innovation & Design Club’s first-ever innovation challenge

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up as a “free agent” for the Innovation and Design Club’s first ever design competition —the University of Chicago Innovation Challenge. Who was my team going to be? What were we going to be doing? The kickoff included free Chipotle and was hosted at the beautiful (and free, we learned) Chicago Cultural Center, which was to be our client organization. I met my team: an undergrad Econ major, a policy student, and another Boothie. Each of us had varying levels of knowledge about human-centered design ranging from “I have no idea what this is!” to “Design? I went to a design high school.”

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Best Booth Moment: Realizing my professor exists outside of class

Booth students share their favorite stories about engaging with faculty out of class as our Best Booth Moment series continues.

“What are you running away from?” A profound question from a MacArthur Fellow (a certified “genius”) that left me stumped. But not for too long.

There seem to be two sets of people currently around me: those who ask why I came to Booth and those who have firsthand seen my passion for economics in classes or at talks. The reasons that led me to leave India’s top law school to attend Wellesley College also led me to move continents once again to join Booth; these included the desire to better understand human decision-making and the ability to work anywhere in the world. When I was accepted to Booth, I felt overwhelming excitement at the prospect of learning from the world’s leading economists. Learning that Sendhil Mullainathan would be joining the UChicago faculty only added to the fervor.

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