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Winter Break: Patagonia Trek

Oh Booth winter break, how I’ve missed you! Last year, winter break was the glorious reward after a busy first quarter balancing school and summer internship recruiting. But this year as a 2nd year student, it’s a bittersweet reminder that the Booth experience passes by all too quickly and we’re just two short quarters away from graduation. So this past December, Bayasaa Enkhbaatar (a fellow 2nd year Booth student, dear friend, and partner in crime) and I decided to give in to our wanderlust and embark on a two week adventure together to hike Patagonia and make the most of this break.

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Should My Partner Come With to First Day?

Two years ago, before my First Day, I wasn’t sure why my wife would want to go with to First Day. After all, my wife and I were already living in Chicago and she was working at the University of Chicago Hospital. We felt like we knew the city and we knew the U of C, so at the time, we didn’t see the benefits. However, if for no other reason than getting an MBA is a huge investment for both of us, she came with me. We were pleasantly surprised how much we both ended up getting out of the event as partners.

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Making it Work: Long Distance Relationships at Booth

Gaining admission into business school is an exciting time that can be accompanied by difficult decisions. For people in relationships, the decision of whether both partners should move to a new city often arises. There are a ton of factors to consider when making this decision (e.g., career goals, immigration constraints, distance) and each couple must make the decision that is right for them. When I was admitted to Chicago Booth, my husband, Jatinder, and I carefully weighed the pros and cons and ultimately decided that he would stay in Minneapolis while I lived in Chicago. Continue reading Making it Work: Long Distance Relationships at Booth

Excel Monkey’s Journey to the West*

I was born in Shanghai but spent the last two decades of my life in Boston, and consider myself to be pretty stereotypically “East Coast”—pragmatic, competitive, and grumpy. My family, friends and professional network were all in Boston, proud city of the highest college/square mile ratio and home to some other excellent educational institutions. For all intents and purposes, I would have been the most comfortable staying in the city where I grew up, surrounded by fellow Patriots fans and pizza that was actually pizza, not casserole suffering from an identity crisis.

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My message to Class of 2017

The Fall Quarter is over. A quarter during which I enjoyed a Random Walk to China, filled a whole apartment with IKEA furniture, played soccer at the UCLA MBA tournament, won the ‘Hunger Games’ at LEAD, had enough Fireballs at TNDC to keep me warm throughout winter, dressed up as Popeye for the Belgian Halloween Party, survived my first Black Friday shopping mayhem, and performed terribly during Golden Gargoyles’ Telenovela. On top of this, too many cover letters were written – but I attended my classes and the foundation courses are now out of the way. All in all, plenty of unforgettable experiences, and quite a number of new friendships.

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