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A Plug for Booth Live

Hi everyone, I am Andrea.  I’m a second year student and before coming to Booth, I was the fund manager of an impact investment fund. I will be joining Amazon full-time after graduation.

 I’m Dami, from Lagos, Nigeria. Was at BCG Chicago and still considering different opportunities for full time.

Hello everyone, I’m Robey and I’m glad to see so many people here.  I’m a second year student and before coming to Booth, I spent about 7 years in the Navy as a submarine officer.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What are we thankful for…?

With Thanksgiving comes a whole mix of emotions for most of us here at Booth. Excitement for all the fun holidays activities – whether it be the long Thanksgiving weekend, countdown to Ski Trip, the many ugly sweater parties or even the first snow of the season (which just so happened to hit Chicago this past weekend). Anxiety that finals are less than two weeks away – wait, we have grade nondisclosure… And of course, a little bit of sadness that we are almost one quarter closer to graduation and the end of this amazing business school journey.

Knowing that this experience won’t last forever, we at TBE wanted to take the time to reflect on what we are most thankful for, and to learn the same from our classmates. So this week, during the busy lunch hour, we went around the Winter Garden to ask a handful of our amazing classmates, “What are you most thankful for about your Booth Experience?” Here’s what we heard…

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Class of 2017, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to Booth! We’re all so excited for you, and a little jealous at the same time since all of you are just about to start an amazing two year journey that we, the class of 2015 are just finishing. You’re in for something special, and if you don’t know that already you will after the first minute of First Day, which you should all attend!


Running the School’s Newspaper (Chibus)

Chicago Business is an entirely student-run newspaper. Serving out updates for students and alumni, it’s also one of countless opportunities to get valuable leadership experience at Booth while pursuing personal interests at the same time.

Mo Bhasin, the Editor in Chief for the newspaper, briefly tells us about the best parts of running Chicago Business.

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Switching things up, Part I: From I-Banking to Tech

Before business school, I was working at Credit Suisse in their Investment Banking division. The world of banking helped me understand how big corporates do business and gave me an opportunity to meet senior management of some of the biggest companies in the world. It was a dynamic and financially rewarding job. However, having fallen in love with technology during my undergrad, I missed being involved in the next wave of technology products. While I was busy clocking 80-100 hours every week in my banking job, the world of technology was becoming more exciting with each passing day. I couldn’t stay away any longer and decided to switch careers to technology. Continue reading Switching things up, Part I: From I-Banking to Tech